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Information about recycled leather

There is a lot of information about recycled leather (also called “bonded leather”) to be found on the internet.  Recycled leather shares a lot of its characteristics with faux leather, for example the possibility of easy and quick cleaning or a flawless surface without scarring or bumps.

What exactly is the difference to faux leather?

In order to understand the difference it often helps to visualise the backside of the leather. Image 1 shows the back of faux leather on the left side and the back of recycled leather on the right side. Recycled leather is mixed with leftovers of genuine leather productions. Therefore recycled leather is thicker, firmer and a lot more durable than simple faux leather.

Barhocker Bezug: Vergleich Leder-Arten

Image. 1: Faux leather back left/ Recycled leather right*

(*contains elements of animal origin)


Which type of leather is the right one for me?

Depending on how much your furniture is being used, you can estimate if recycled leather is the better fit for you. If you would like to use, as an example, your bar stool privately in your kitchen, faux leather should definitely suffice. If you, on the other hand, would like to order a bar stool for your business, bar or restaurant and it is meant for commercial use, you would be better off choosing recycled leather due to its durable traits.